Our earth is shaken daily by various events, such as the nuclear accidents in Japan, the war in the Middle East, or environmental and natural catastrophes of our own doing. The continuous over-excitement through modern media also influences our contemporary society. Human beings become less and less rooted, and lose ever more of their real relationship to nature.

We can rediscover the path of knowledge and understanding, the path that is deeper and truer, by communicating and living with nature – letting ourselves be taught by nature.

For many years now, I have used natural paints that I myself make on the basis of soils from everywhere in the world, in order to grasp the aesthetics of the line and the elegance of the landscape. The visual impressions of the landscape that I receive instinctively have an effect on my painting and are reflected in my work. In addition, this enables me to make visible, a balance between precision and flexibility – a unity created out of form, space, and clarity.